Church of Film

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Monday, May 28th. 9:30pm at Century! Free admission & popcorn! Platon Andreyevich, an ingenious artist and designer who at one time had led the avant-garde with a treatise on how the artist might perfect the imperfect creations of the gods, seems to be slipping into madness. He is obsessed with using models to create lifelike dolls, and haunted by strange memories. One day he is approached by a wealthy client to design a house for his wife. But the man’s wife seems strangely familiar—is she one of Platon’s former models, or one of his dolls? Oleg Teptsov’s MISTER DESIGNER is a lavish gothic tale based on a story by Alexander Grin (Morgiana) that builds towards a spiraling, hallucinatory climax of horror and psychedelic lunacy. Also, the soundtrack is a killer!