Church of Film

Our next program:

The Mad Fox at Clinton Street Theater

Wednesday, April 17th. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater! $5-8 suggested donation. When a white rainbow is cast over a blood red night sky, a famous astrologer decodes the omen for the Emperor. He dies leaving part of his scroll undeciphered, and his favored pupil is driven mad by the tragic loss of his love, whom he searches the wilderness for. And he finds her… but perhaps she is a fox demon in disguise? With brilliant colors, highly stylized and strange expressionist sets, and borrowing from Butoh, Kabuki, and Noh theater, Tomu Uchida’s THE MAD FOX is a fantastical, bizarre, and captivating fable about a love that is mad and hopeless, and the divinities and men that our crushed under its power.