Church of Film

Our next program:

OP/POP: Op, Pop & Performance Art of the Postwar Japanese Avant-Garde at the First Congregational Church Downtown

Thursday, May 30th at the First Congregational Church downtown. 1126 SW Park Ave. Doors at 6pm, screening at 8pm. $5. Built upon radical collectives, Japanese experimental art and cinema revived itself in the wake of the disastrous world war with renewed energy and purpose, adventuring into all media to explore a brave new world. Our collection will focus on the pop art and op art innovations of a new wave of independent animation, such as the subversive, eye-popping work of the Animation Group of Three and Tadanori Yokoo, the conceptual film experiments of the Film Independents group, the work of artists such as Yayoi Kusama (Self-Obliteration), Yoko Ono, and many more!

Doors will be at 6, so that we can present a recreation of Yoko Ono’s performance art work Cut Piece with model Jasmine Wood and garment provided by local designer Alexa Stark! The screening will begin at 8pm! Enjoy a beer in a church, and a food cart! This avant-garde extravaganza will take place in the beautiful Venetian Gothic-styled First Congregational Church downtown (1126 SW Park Ave), underneath its glorious vaulted ceiling and beautiful stained-glass panels. $5 admission, notaflof.