Church of Film

Our next program:


Wednesday, April 25th. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater! $5-8 suggested donation. A program of experimental shorts exploring the United States—the lights, the cars, the music! And also, yes, the consumerism, colonization, and conformity. Actually, mostly those last things. Includes BEAUTY KNOWS NO PAIN, a brilliant and biting satirical documentary of Texas’s Kilgore College Rangerettes squad and their Spartan, quasi-fascist regime. HOUSTON TEXAS, THE SIXTH SIDE OF THE PENTAGON, and BROADWAY BY LIGHT all explore different angles of American culture from the outsider’s perspective (all with the collaboration of the great docu-essayist Chris Marker). SUPER UP, SAN FRANCISCO and SQUARE TIMES explore the dizzying effects of proliferated marketing signs and symbols on the psyche. And there’s more!