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Monday, November 12th. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! The supernatural and destiny intertwine in four tales! A young woman (Betty FieId) yearns for love but finds herself too homely—a mysterious purveyor of masks on Mardi Gras may provide her with the secret to beauty. A successful lawyer (Edward G. Robinson) receives a troubling palm-reading, only to discover that often prophecies are self-fulfilling. Finally, a tightrope walker (Charles Boyer) is troubled by a woman in his nightmares (Barbara Stanwyck)—meeting her, however, he falls into a doomed love. FLESH & FANTASY is an enchanting medley of tales of providence and prophecy, directed in Hollywood by French auteur Julien Duvivier during the war. As a bonus, we've tracked down a segment of Duvivier's film that removed and shoehorned into a B-noir called Destiny, restoring it to its original collection!