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Monday, November 11th. 9:30pm at Century! Piotr makes a deal with the satanic demon Basavriuk in order to become rich enough to marry his beloved. You know how dealing with demons and devils goes... THE EVE OF IVAN KUPALA is one of Soviet cinema’s greatest secrets—a film abounding in images of extraordinary strangeness and intoxicating potency. Director Yuri Ilyenko had already established himself at the head of Russia’s avant-garde by photographing Sergei Parajanov’s classic Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. But this rarely seen masterpiece, with its bewildering and fantastical episodes, is a piece of arthouse legend. "With imagery that makes Dali’s surrealism look like a kids’ coloring book—pig-riding demons, bleeding bread, slain children—and enough psychedelic color washes to give Dario Argento a seizure, Soviet director Yuri Ilyenko’s The Eve of Ivan Kupalo left my mouth agape and my brain swirling." - Willamette Week