Church of Film

February 19th, 2018


Monday, February 19th. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! Based on the fable by Goethe, in which the animal kingdom, ruled by King Lion and his lascivious Queen, struggles to contain the mischievous Renard the Fox, whose malicious pranks are taking their toll. THE STORY OF THE FOX (La Roman de Renard) is a stop-motion masterpiece by genius Russian émigré Ladislas Starevich, who worked ten years with his daughter to create one of the first ever animated sound features! The screening will also feature his beautiful short, THE MASCOT!
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February 21st, 2018


Wednesday, February 21st. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater. $5-8 suggested donation! Mind-warping shorts from the North, exploring the counter-culture and, err, influence of the times! Pockets heavy with public funding via the National Film Board of Canada, a whole generation of radicals cut their teeth on wild expressions of Canadian weirdness, under the vague promise to make “films designed to interpret Canada.” Including the groundbreaking, brain-meltingly mad montage of Arthur Lipsett’s FREEFALL and 21-87, Quebecois youth delinquency celebrations Claude Jutra’s THE DEVIL’S TOY and Jean Beaudin ode to psychedelic “happenings,” VERTIGE, as well as animated works by Ishu Patel and Jacques Drouin!, and more!
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MARCH 1st, 2018

MORGIANA at ZEBULON (Los angeles)

THURSDAY, March 1st. 7:30pm at Zebulon ( 2478 Fletcher D) in Los Angeles! Cats! Poison! Jewels! MORGIANA is a gothic tale based on a story by Alexander Grin, the Russian Poe. The story of jealousy of one evil sister toward her twin, and the stately kitty cat caught in the fray, just trying to get to his water dish! Directed by Czechoslovak New Wave alum Juraj Herz (The Cremator, Beauty & the Beast), shot by the brilliant Jaroslav Kucera (Daisies, Cassandra Cat, everything cool ever), and scored by Lubos Fiser (Valerie & Her Week of Wonders). And starring a cat! Our Church of Film LA Premiere party will be followed by a dance party w/ DJs Dawn Sharp & Mahssa!
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MARCH 20th, 2018


Tuesday, March 20th. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater. $8-10 admission. A Special Event with a Live Score! The awakening and growth a child’s consciousness as he experiences the psychological traumas of youth within the haunted enclosure of the nuclear family. Shot in stark black and white and evoking the visual primacy of silent film, LE REVELATEUR is one of French cinema’s most beautiful experimental pieces. Directed by Philippe Garrel for the radical Zanzibar group amidst the political turmoil of May ’68, the film is a strange, sad, and mysterious commentary on generational strife and psychic pain. Complemented with an original live score performed by HASTE, the already eerie, complex sadness of the film is intensified. Haste's score is an ethereal piece of psychedelic ambiance and intricate minimalism evoked with the use of guitar pedals. It explores darkness and bright light simultaneously, a theme that is visually mastered in the film itself.
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