Church of Film

April 5th, 2017

Manuel On the Island of Marvels at the Clinton Street Theater

Wednesday, March 1st, 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater. $5-8 suggested donation. A magical circus troupe arrives into a sleepy Czech town, disrupting the mundane affairs and routines of the townspeople. With them is Mokol, a cat wearing sunglasses which, when removed, exposes everyone Mokol looks at in their true colors. While the adults find the cat dangerous for revealing their hypocrisies, the children love him. Vojtech Jasný's WHEN THE CAT COMES... (aka CASSANDRA CAT) was one of the first films of the nascent Czech New Wave to become an enormous international success, with brilliant color photography and effects by the great Jaroslav Kucera (Daisies, Morgiana, the Little Mermaid).
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April 10th, 2017

Son of the White Mare at Century

Monday, April 10th. 10 pm. No admission, at Century (930 SE Sandy) Marcell Jankovic's animated feature, SON OF THE WHITE MARE, is psychedelic bath, a swirling trip of Hungarian folklore, Sigmund Freud, and anxieties, dreams and fears about industry and technology. When the lid on Pandora's Box has been opened under the dragon tree at the gates of Hell, the three sons of the white mare must come together and journey into the underworld to slay dragons and set things right! A kaleidoscopic monument to Hungarian animation that may short-circuit brains, so be sure to check them at the door!
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April 12th, 2016

OIL LAMPS at the North Star Ballroom

Wednesday, April 12th. 8pm. Donations happily accepted! North Star Ballroom. Stepha, a vivacious actress from a wealthy family, is approaching her 30s and is unmarried. Her cousin Paul, an officer in the Austrian army and a shameless rogue, tricks her into marrying him so that he can settle his enormous gambling debts and assume ownership of his father’s estate. He is unable to consummate the marriage and descends into madness… OIL LAMPS is a visually sumptuous drama of the declining Austro-Hungarian Empire, told by the brilliant Juraj Herz (The Cremator, Morgiana, Beauty & the Beast)!
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April 17th, 2016

DEMONS at Century

Monday, April 17th. 9pm. A masterless Samurai, a ronan, living in disgrace seeks to regain his stature... a common setup for a typical genre flick, but in the hands of arthouse provocateur Toshio Matsumoto (Funeral Parade of Roses), it becomes more an existential nightmare than a swashbuckling adventure. DEMONS is a grim study study of the inescapable nature of evil and the darkness that dwells within man, and a consummate anti-Samurai epic. Drowning in shadows, a handful of characters try to claw their way out a world of deception, robbery, and murder, all done in the name of so-called honor. But the horror and tragedy compounds, interfuses, and then spirals out of control into metaphysical chaos. Banned in many countries for several reasons (eep!).

April 19th, 2016


A SPECIAL SCREENING! Wednesday, April 19th at the Clinton Street Theater! $5-8. Chris Marker's sprawling, poignant, heart-stopping essay on the cataclysmic rise and fall of the New Left and leftist revolutions around the world, 1967-1977. Described by the director as "scenes from the third world war," A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT is both tribute and epitaph to a global revolution that never happened. A lifetime achievement culled from a decade of guerilla filming around the world, and augmented by meticulously researched found footage, Marker documents the noble and doomed attempts of labor, the non-aligned third world, intellectuals and students to upset the march towards imperialism, Fascism, and plutocratic dominion. This is their story—they may have failed, but they will rise again! (CW: graphic documentary violence)
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April 26th, 2016

duelle at the Clinton Street Theater

Wednesday, April 26th at the Clinton Street Theater! 8pm, $5-8 suggested. Jacques Rivette's noir-infused fantasy follows the Goddess of the Moon (Juliet Berto) and the Goddess of the Sun (Bulle Ogier) as they battle over a mystical jewel that will allow them to remain on Earth for longer than the 40 days of Carnivale. And in the midst of their violent intrigues, several ordinary Parisians are entangled and destroyed. An ambitious follow-up to his Celine & Julie Go Boating, DUELLE remained unreleased and relished in obscurity, while critics and film scholars championed it as a lost masterpiece. A deconstruction of cinema and a warped recreation of Celtic myths with a Feminist twist!
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