Church of Film

July 16th, 2018


Monday, July 16th. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! Celebrating the postwar generations, surrounding the Nihon Student Movement of the 60s, the radical Art Theatre Guild production house, and the avant-garde throughout the second half of the 20th century! A curated collection of surreal journeys, including Shuji Terayama's explorations of childhood trauma and memory, LABYRITNTH IN THE GRASS and BUTTERFLY, Tengai Amano's poem about a child who cannot accept death, TWILIGHT, and other short work by Mari Terashima, Takashi Ito, Toshio Matsumoto and more!
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July 18th, 2018


Wednesday, July 18. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater! NORTH KOREAN CINEMA $5-8 suggested. CINEMA OF NORTH KOREA: Chunhyang, the daughter of a poor family but admired for her beauty and talents, falls in love with the noble Mong-ryong. They bond through their mutual love of poetry, and because society will not allow them an open engagement, he promises to marry her through a poem. When he is called away to Seoul, however, the tryannical local governor demans Chunhyang as a mistress. THE STORY OF CHUNHYANG is an opulent, beautifully designed romantic epic that became one of North Korea's most popular films. Alight with sumptuous cinematography, sweeping landscapes, and enchanting music, it remains one of the greatest films to emerge from the DPRK.
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July 23rd, 2018


Monday, July 23rd. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! CINEMA OF NORTH KOREA: A feudal king, sensing a peasant revolt, unleashes a cruel vengeance on the villages, until a dying blacksmith uses the last of his spirit to craft a tiny iron beast, PULGASARI… As the monster gobbles iron, he becomes larger and more powerful, aiding the villagers in their battle against their oppressive overlord. A truly bizarre and amazing Godzilla knockoff, North Korean style! South Korean director Sang-ok Shin (A Thousand Year-Old Fox) and his wife had been kidnapped by cinema-obsessed DPRK dictator Kim Il Sung and forced to make films (so the story goes…), culminating in this mad monster movie!
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July 25th, 2018

A BROAD BELLFLOWER at Clinton Street Theater

Wednesday, July 25th at the Clinton Street Theater! $5-8 suggested donation. CINEMA OF NORTH KOREA: In a distant mountain village, a new generation, orphaned by the war, pulls together to rebuild their home and modernize it. They are inspired by the courage and tenacity of Jin Song Rim. When Song Rim falls in love with an ambitious designer who longs for the opportunities of city life, she must choose between love and her duty to her village. A BROAD BELLFLOWER is a glorious romance told through the faded lens of memory, with soaring camerawork, and a brilliant soundtrack of worker's ballads and moody electronic ambience. An stylish oddity that rises to the level of a masterpiece, it was one of the most popular North Korean films of its time!
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July 30, 2018


Monday, July 30th. 8pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! CINEMA OF NORTH KOREA: Set during the Japanese Occupation of Korea, a poor young woman, Koppun, sells flowers to help her ailing mother and her blind sister. Her brother, a resistance fighter, has gone missing. In despair from the rapacious cruelty of the authorities, on the brink of starvation, she sets out to find her brother. THE FLOWER GIRL is DPRK's most cherished film (featured, in fact, on their one won banknote), a beautiful story of struggle set to some of the most beloved songs in the country. This is one of the major cultural pieces to come out of the region, so don't miss!